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WVSL Referee Sign-Up

SPRING 2018 (The sign up schedule will be posted approximately mid-February 2018)

Please read all of the instructions on the sign up link including the game rules prior to signing up and performing the referee duties.  OR, THEY CAN BE VIEWED HERE


  1. Must be fully trained.
  2. Must demonstrate complete professionalism and courtesy and be on time. No shows may not work future games for pay.
  3. If you are a WVSL or RSC member, you must have already completed hours owed the club.
  4. If an RSC member, must be current on club finances.  Those on a monthly plan will receive credit (not pay) against the back end of the plan.  Member must continue to make regular monthly payments.  Once the plan for the seasonal year is paid, then the member may receive pay.
  5. Must complete and submit a W-9 form for tax purposes. 
  6. Please do not check for pay in the sign up if you are being paid by someone other than Real So Cal.
  7. Please do not reference your WVSL team name if you are FOR PAY.
  8. We do not pay for rained out games.
  9. WVSL/RSC board of directors reserves the right to decline future pay for a referee who does not comply with all criteria listed.


March 4, 11, 18, 25 

April 8, 15, 22, 29

May 6

Referee Rules are on the sign up link OR, THEY CAN BE VIEWED HERE


 0 hours – The designated team manager and up to one co-manager per team for a competitive team. The person(s) must be identified by time of team registration. If there are co-managers, please be prepared to provide documentation on how the duties are split.

 0 hours – An individual who is a HEAD coach in the WVSL recreational program or RSC program. The recreational coach must be registered in the WVSL database as a HEAD coach. Assistant coaches or team parents do not qualify. 

All others have four (4) hours per player in the club to serve as a referee in our recreational program.  Players receiving financial assistance must complete their hours by November 18th.  No exceptions please.

Those who opted out by paying $200 at time of team registration or $300 after team registration are exempt.  


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