Guidelines for playing on a hot day

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Ultimately it will be the parent that decides whether the player plays or not. Please respect the parent’s decision if they choose not to play their child.

Coaches, please do not pressure your families into playing on a hot day. We have received phone calls from parents that are afraid to tell the coach that they do not think it is safe to play. Please respect a family's decision. 

Coaches if you hear from enough of your players to make the game not viable please reach out to your opposing coach and let them know that your team will not be playing. 

Please remember if you lose some of your players you may end up with no substitutes and you should make a decision not to play. You can discuss with your opposing coach to take more water breaks (we already play the quarter system because of the heat in this area) Play with fewer players on the field or move the goals closer and play on the small field.

If you are notified that your opposing team has decided not to play that day you can still use the field at your schedule time for practice or scrimmage


If your players play for 20/30 minutes and you see that none of your players can play any more talk to the other coach and call the game.  Have them enjoy their snack and go home.

Coaches – please remember that this is not the World Cup / MLS.  Make sure you rotate all your players as often as possible. Please don’t expect your players to play at 100% on hot days.

Please follow the guidelines below on hydration for your players.  

Try to have shade for your players.  Have a cooler full of iced towels to put over your player's heads

Rotate your players as often as possible. Make your substitutions at official stoppages in play.  Goal kicks throw in corner kicks ....

Here are some tips on what to drink, when to drink, and how much to drink to promote good hydration:

* Sports drinks are an excellent choice for hydration. Athletes can usually find a flavor they like, and the electrolytes (like sodium chloride) will stimulate thirst, help the body hold onto fluid, reduce the chance of cramping, and possibly improve performance.
* Avoid any drinks with caffeine or high fructose corn syrup, and no carbonated sodas.
* I like low-fat chocolate milk as another after-game alternative.
* The athlete should have 12-16 ounces of fluid up until about 30 minutes before the game or practice (remember that most sports drinks come in 20-ounce bottles).
* Keep sipping sports drinks or water during the practice or match.
* Start re-hydrating within 20 minutes of the conclusion of the match.

Research shows that the first 20 minutes are the most efficient time to start refueling. Try to take in 20 ounces; no need to guzzle this down, but once you start drinking try to finish the bottle over the next several minutes.

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