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Spring 2022

Spring 2022

LAFC So Cal Rec Spring INFO


Spring 2022 Playdates - The dates below are potential game week

Games are on Sundays 9:30am - 5:30pm 

With the shortage of available fields there is a possibility that some divisions may play on Saturdays

But It is our goal to try and keep the spring program completely on Sundays

  • March, 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th.
  • April, 3rd, 10th & 24th.
  • May, 1st.
  • No games - 4/17 Easter/Passover, 5/8 Mother's Day 5/30 Memorial day.

Spring fees - 1st player $150, 2nd player $140, 3rd player $130, 4th & 5th player $75 each

To take advantage of the multi-player discount, all players must reside in the same household. 
Each sibling must have their own payment.


Rec Soccer Spring 2022

Rec Soccer Spring 2022

The registration deadline for our Rec Soccer Spring Rec program is January 8th 

All registrations completed after that date will be put on the waiting list regardless of their team status

Parents, thank you for considering LAFC So Cal Rec and the sport of soccer for your child.  As a volunteer run Rec club, we understand the challenges parents face when trying to juggle work, family life, school and extracurriculars for their kids and we appreciate your making time for this team sport.

Please make sure you understand and agree to abide by all the rules of our program before committing to play with us this fall/spring. We completely understand if our program does not fit your needs or your team.

LAFC So Cal Rec Modified playing rules ((Click Here))

This is a brand new registration system for our club new players to LAFC Rec will need to create a new username and login and update a photo and a birth certifcate for every player the link for registration is below



  • Season is approximately 3 months long, beginning in February and ending in May.

  • In Spring 2019, over 1,700 players and 250 coaches participated in our Recreational Program.

  • Registration fees include insurance coverage, permits. also other expenses such as field maintenance, staffing, equipment, photo package and a custom medals to celebrate the season.

Please review the club's Team Formation Policy.


Q - Can a player play UP an age group? 

- Yes (If it's OK with the coach of your team)

Q - Can a player play Down an age group?

A - All players must play age-appropriate based on the age groups posted on our website. 

Unfortunately, this question comes up quite a lot and there are no exceptions to this rule. Even if your child was born on December 31st of the previous year. 


  • Parent volunteer coaches are the backbone of our club.  The main requirements to coach are a great attitude and a willingness to learn and apply positive coaching techniques.  No previous coaching experience is necessary.  Please consider volunteering this season.

Practices to begin in late February.

  • The practices Schedule is based on the volunteer coaches availability.

  • Most Teams practice 1 time per week

  • Practices are typically held between 4:00-7:30PM, 

  • Proper athletic clothes, shin guards, cleats, and water needed.

  • Individual soccer balls are preferred, ball size is explained

  • U5-U8 SIZE 3 

  • U9-U12 SIZE 4 

  • U13+ SIZE 5



March through May

In the past we have played all games in our spring program at Pierce college and we are working hard to do the same this year. Depending on the number of players that sign up for the spring program will determine if we have to play at other venues.

Games are typically played between 9:30AM - 5:30PM, 

Approximately 8 games per season.  The club strives to reschedule any games cancelled due to weather or poor air quality.  

Game structure by age is explained in Modified Laws of Game. 



Our program has trained independent referees at games

Recreational teams do not need to volunteer and do referee hours to participate in our program 



  • New uniforms may be purchased through Soccer.com.  Details will be sent once teams are formed. ADIDAS Jerseys Home: Black, Away: White, Shorts Black Socks Black. (White socks optional) Approx. $45 youth $50 adult. Shipped to your door.

  • This is our 1st year with Adidas Uniforms. the same style we be used for at least 2 years (4 seasons)

  • Uniforms are not included with registration fees.

  • Jersey numbers are not required.

  • Cleats and shin guards are required for practices and games.


  • Players are to be respectful of their coach and other players during practices and games.

  • Players do not have to be athletes in order to play for the first time, our program aims to build fitness and develop skill.

  • Parents are to ensure kids have plenty of water and stay hydrated during practice and games.

  • Snacks may be coordinated by each team.

  • Parents are to review the Heat & Air Quality Policy and although some practices may or may not be cancelled because of weather, it is ultimately up to parents to decide if current conditions are conducive to their player.

Parent Involvement

  • LAFC So Cal does not require volunteer hours Per Player.

  • However, over 2,400 players can play soccer in our club because of dedicated volunteer coaches, team parents, age group coordinators, event volunteers and board members.

  • Volunteering can be as limited or broad as you prefer.

  • Volunteering is a great way to get to know others and be more informed about the community as a whole.

To inquire about current volunteer opportunities, please contact Paul Clifton @ Paul@LAFCSoCal.org.


Guide – Best Ways to Join LAFC So Cal Rec Youth Soccer Program

1 - Decided to coach your child. Round up appropriate number of age-appropriateand start a new team

2 - Decide to coach your child. If you do not have any other age-appropriate players for your team we will add players to your team from the player poo

3 - Join a team that is being formed by one of your child's friends parents. (That is coaching

4 - Put together a group of age-appropriate players (The bigger the group is the more likely you will need to provide the coach

5 - Sign up as an individual and be placed in the player pool we will add you to a team based on where you go to school / the city you live in (we try to match up individual players with the team from your school or your city but obviously that does not always work)

If we have 60 players registered in an age group that is 6 players per team that would be 10 teams

If all 10 volunteer coaches live in Winnetka technically all 10 teams would be Winnetka based teams.



Spring 2022 Player Registration

What division will my child play in (Fall 2021 Spring 2022)   Click Here

All new players will need to upload a recent photo and the player's birth certificate to your account. 

This year you do not have to print out your paperwork it is all done online.

"RECREATIONAL - Spring 2022"

To register. Please go online @ ((Click Here))

1st player $150, 2nd players $130, 3rd player $120, 4th & 5th player $75 each

To take advantage of the multi-player discount, all players must reside in the same household. 
Each sibling must have their own payment.

We will NOT have a walk-in registration day Spring 2022


1. If you are requesting a spot on a specific team then YOU need to contact the coach of that team to find out if he/she has a spot available on that team and to make him/her aware that you would like to be on that team.

2. You may list a Friend/s, (In the upper right-hand corner of the form. same age group required) If your friend/s is already on a team YOU will need to contact your friend's coach to see if there's a spot available on that team.

3. WVSL can NOT force a coach to have a player because of a request.

(Last chance to register)
ALL late registrations will be placed on a waiting list!

Recreational Refund policy (Click here)

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