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Playing time: Each player SHOULD BE GIVEN EQUAL playing time. (More than 50%) Unless the player is unable to play due to injury or illness or unwilling to play, there are NO acceptable exceptions.

I Have received a lot of phone calls from parents on this issue.

A - Their child played on a team where there was only 1 substitute during the whole game and yet their child only got to play 2/4 1 in goal and 1 on the field.

B - Their child is rotated (substituted) with the same player every game. Each player only playing half a game while there are others (up to 6 players) playing a full game. Parents usually always mentioned that the coaches child never comes out.

I think most of you would agree that this is not appropriate. Having players play the whole game and some players only play half is not fair and not in line with the rules of WVSL.

I told the parents that I would not talk to the coach directly but I would send out a mass e-mail to all the coaches. I also told parents to call me back if the situation happened again.

If it does happen again I will talk to the coach in question directly.


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